NEC LaVie Z Ultrabook puts on a diet, now weighs 875 grams


Intel is definitely pushing its Ultrabook line of products to the world and it seems that a lot of manufacturers have gone through that route as well. NEC is the latest manufacturer to do so and its LaVie Z Ultrabook is a great one as well. Weighing only 875 grams (1.9 pounds), it is also one of the lightest Ultrabook at the market as well. Performance wise, the NEC LaVie Z Ultrabook can certainly pack a punch as well.

The lightweight nature of the Ultrabook is caused by the use of magnesium lithium alloy which comes in very light. The chassis itself is 0.59-inch thick which is rather thin for most Ultrabooks as well. The cheapest variant of the LaVie Z makes use of an Intel Core i5-3317U Ivy Bridge processor. In addition to that, this Ultrabook also uses a 128GB SSD with a USB 3.0 slot. Suffice to say that this is quite a powerful and fast laptop.

The price tag for the NEC LaVie Z Ultrabook is at $1600 for the lower spec version. However, an upgrade to the Core i7-3517U and 256GB SSD will cost you an extra $375. This may be quite expensive but bear in mind that NEC does have a reputation of delivering good products.

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