New Ultrabooks and Atom Tablets Offering by Intel in 2012


Intel chips have not yet been able to emulate the performance and efficiency of Apple processors, and in small mobile gadgets, Intel is nowhere in the game. In the race against the big players in the mobile device, chips and gearing up to meet the market threat posed by Macbook Air and iPad, Intel brings about 75 new Ultrabooks and 10 new tablets will be released by other Original Equipment Manufacturers based on Atom tablets.

Ultrabook Threat to Macbook

 It is being said that over 178 million shipments of Ultrabooks are expected by 2016. The third generation Ultrabooks- with the Ivy Bridge processors- will hit the stores this spring, and it will include touch gesture systems too- 32nm Clovertrail Atom processors will come this year while 22nm will be launched in 2013.

Improvements to Intel Chips

The key to success of Intel is the power consumption of the processors- heavy power drain has been the reason Intel chips until recently have not been preferred by OEMs for the manufacture of smartphones and tablets. The new Ivy Bridge chips are coming with improved graphics capabilities supporting the onboard HD Graphics 2500/4000 GPU and OpenGL 3.1. The Intel Medfield brings the system-on-a-chip architecture to mobile gadgets. Power consumption will be brought down by the Shark Bay Intel platform and connectivity will improve using Thunderbolt.

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