New Ultrabooks from Lenovo


Lenovo will be launching two new Ultrabooks the IdeaPad U310 and IdeaPad U410 in Philippines this month, which will hit the stores sometime in Q3 2012. Lenovo already has a series of amusing Ultrabooks to suit the varying needs of customers from individuals to corporate bodies and from affordable to premium models. Ultrabooks are ultra thin and lightweight notebooks that start up instantly and have superior performance than traditional notebooks in every point of argument.

Ultrabook Concept

The Ultrabook was conceptualized by Intel, to enjoy the design and performance brilliance of the Apple Macbook Air. These sleek and light gadgets will be a high performance-computing device. Use of high performance third generation Intel processors, flash storage memory, large memory space, long battery life, quick booting up and waking up and quality media performance.

The New IdeaPad

Ultrabooks The 13.3-inch U310 is just 18 mm thick, weighs just 1.7 kg while the 14-inch U410 is just 21 mm thick, and weighs just 1.8 kg. On a single charge, they have about 7 to 9 hours of battery backup. These paper-thin laptops are blazing fast too with a boot up time of 24 seconds.

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