Online Sale for First Windows 8 PCs by Home Shopping Network


The latest fuel-to-fire is release of the yet-to-be-launched Microsoft’s upgraded Windows 8 PCs by the Home Shopping Network (HSN) Corporation. The devices integrated with the Windows 8 OS were available online for users, much ahead of the MS official commencement function to be held on 26 October.

HSN’s Unfavorable Decision

The HSN brand released prominent names Acer and Gateway’s five equipments sporting the new MS system. The gadgets are still not available in stores, and the move has created a furor in the Microsoft circle. Accusing HSN of not complying with MS standards of release and features integration, the technology giant has insisted on immediate removal of the online sale. The command is disobeyed by HSN as it continues to place the devices with Windows 8 platform on website shelves.

Windows 8 via HSN: Total Sell Out

HSN has already reaped the profits, as all the online displayed devices have sold out entirely. Windows 8 systems are the most eagerly waited for new equipment that operate with innovative touch-screen facility and unique interface design. The products that are sold in HSN websites are priced in the range from $699 to $1199. For authentic and flaws free MS Windows 8 OS, wait until the announced launch date and avail the junk-free system.

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