Online User Manual Leaks Confirm Android Laptops Coming Soon from Lenovo


Lenovo Android LaptopCredit for the revelation that Lenovo is building a new Android compatible laptop should go the user manuals which were leaked accidentally. This new Lenovo laptop will be known as IdealPad A10.  The user manuals for this Android device were found leaked on the company’s website. As of now, Lenovo has not confirmed either the launch date or the price of this new laptop.


As of now the known features of the IdealPad A10 include a 10.1 inch high definition screen. This would be a touchscreen display. The novelty is the ability to extend this display to almost 300 degrees, effectively allowing the user to read or touch. The keyboard will face downwards. It would include Android specific additions such as “apps screen”, “home screen”, and “previous” buttons.


Other specifications indicated in the user manuals suggest that this gadget will come in the affordable range. For example, its processor will be 1.6 GHz ARM quad-core, sourced from Rockchip, which is a Chinese company. There will be a choice of storage as well as RAM. Buyer can choose between 1 GB RAM and 2 GB RAM. Likewise, buyer gets to specify whether the laptop has 16 GB storage capacity, or 32GB storage capacity. Miscellaneous additions include a HDMI port, a card slot for microSD and a camera of 0.3 megapixel.

Lenovo has traditionally favored Windows in its gadgets. This is the reason the listing of the new laptop as Android device, came as a surprise. However, Lenovo is not the first to step out from the comfort zone. Hewlett-Packard and Acer have tried to combine all technologies into one in their desktops. Asus already has a tablet which can run both Windows, as well as Android operating systems.

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