Razer Releases Second-Generation Razer Blade


The Razer Blade is a gaming laptop that is exclusive only to certain individuals. This is because it comes with a lot of things at a very steep price. We are looking at prices above $2000 and this is one that not many can afford. Now, the second-generation version has been released and we see some big improvements to the 17-inch behemoth.

There isn’t much that was changed aesthetically but internally, you are looking at a lot of improvements. You’ll still be getting that sick looking aluminum shell that was present on the first-gen Razer Blade. In addition to that, the touchscreen on the side is also available. What is different is that instead of getting the GT 555M GPU, you’ll be getting the gaming-class GTX 660M graphics along with 8GB RAM. In addition to that, there is also the 500GB hard disk with a 64GB SSD.

With all of this being said and done, the Razer Blade is still an overpriced computer. Priced at $2,500, not many people can afford it and even more so, not many would want to fork out that much money for something that they can get at a much cheaper price. Nevertheless, Razer’s products still have their appeal and some die-hard fans might want to get this device as well.

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