Review Of Lenovo ThinkPads For 2011


Lenovo ThinkPads are no novelty to gadget lovers across the globe. Lenovo also keeps improving on each of their models every year. Here, we bring you a review of the Lenovo ThinkPads for 2011.

The Lenovo ThinkPad T410 (2011 Version)

The latest 2011 version of the Lenovo ThinkPad is not very different from its previous version. Sporting almost the same look and feel, this gadget is the first one of its kind to include Nvidia Optimus technology. The whole system is quite a pleasure to operate on, as it is powerful and fast.

The latest T410 is lightweight at about 3.8 pounds. The casing is made of ABS plastic and the bottom, carbon-fiber plastic. A roll confine protects its innards from impact and shock.

The ThinkPad T410 comes with dedicated volume controls, fingerprint recognition and the ThinkVantage feature gives you a sort of popup dashboard, which contains a shortcut menu. You can add a Smart Card reader for an extra $10.

This device comes in three models. The entry-level one is priced at $1,299, while the top-level model is available at $1,779. This one comes with Nvidia 3100M Optimus graphics and 512MB video memory, Intel Core i5 processor and 128GB solid state drive. You can also get additions such as multitouch display for $400, 3-cell ultrabay battery for $120 and so on.

The keyboard and touchpad have strong tactile feedback. The only problem here is that you do not have a numerical keypad. The usual TrackPoint helps you navigate with ease. This device supports Bluetooth 2.1+EDR and WiFi too.

In short, this is just the device for you if you need speed, looks and long-lasting efficiency.


The Lenovo ThinkPad X120e

This 11-inch device, which has won the Best award at the CES 2011, is powered by AMD Fusion and is ultraportable and better still, more affordable than the previous year’s model. This one, hence, is probably the best choice for small-business users.

The AMD E-350 CPU gives you long-lasting battery life, compact chiclet-type keyboard, great graphics and an overall good design. The price, though, is much higher than a Netbook, starting from $399 up to a $1,000, for the top-level model. Design-wise, this looks like most of its previous models – business-like and solid, with a matte black finish.

Yet another problem with this device is its touchpad, which is too small and narrow for comfort. There are excess buttons on the keyboard and the quintessential TrackPoint that take up more space than desirable. The screen clarity could improve as well. Audio is a bit too loud, especially if you hook on the earphones. The entry-level model, though very reasonably priced, does not support Bluetooth.

On the whole, though, this device definitely delivers quality and a certain amount of multitasking abilities at a fairly reasonable price.

The Lenovo ThinkPad X220

This device comes with a powerful Intel Core i5 processor, is extremely compact at 13 inches and hence, the best choice for frequent travellers. This again looks much the same like other X-series models, though also include some more goodies. The 12.5-inch display size is the best thing about the model. This gives a more spacious keyboard, which is the best feature of this device. However, the keys are wider and too closely spaced at the bottom, as is the usual case. This combined with a bigger touchpad, gets uncomfortable at times.

The UI is easy to understand and operate and the graphics are solid. The ThinkVantage feature gives you one-key access to all the system tools. The matte screen makes for glare-free reading, which is again an advantage.

The X220 is easily configurable as well and supports WiMax 4G and Gobi antennas. Even though the system is fast, it could improve in the speed department, especially while compared with the faster speed-demons in the market today.

This device is yet not up for sale, but is expected to come into the market soon enough. Hence, we are not yet sure about its price. We will bring you the details as and when we come to know.

The above are the Lenovo ThinkPads lined up for 2011. Pretty interesting, don’t you think?


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