Samsung’s Crystal-Studded Limited Edition Series 9 Laptop Now on QVC


Samsung has come out with its brand new product, bang on Valentine’s Day this year. This new entrant, which screams, “bling”, is one device we have all awaited for quite a while now. We are talking about the Samsung Limited Edition Series 9 crystal-studded laptop. Many among you may recall that this was first exhibited at the IFA in the fall.

Imagine what a fashion statement it would be to carry around that crystal-embedded laptop. It would undoubtedly be the cynosure of all eyes wherever it goes. Anyways, this very stylish and unique-looking laptop is finally going to be available in the US, exclusively on QVC, starting today at 10p.m.

For those not in the know, the Samsung Series 9 Special Edition comes with a lightweight duralumin body, which is only 0.64 inches in thickness. This attractive notebook is coated in a pleasing blue color, which would be appealing to even the most discerning eye.

Other features of this Special Edition laptop include an Intel Core i5 2467M processor powered by the Windows 7 Home Premium OS; and a 13.3-inch Samsung SuperBright Plus display screen.

Of course, we agree that it would be rather late in the day to be shopping for a Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one. But then this would give you a great readymade excuse for getting late, right, guys?!

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