Samsung introduces Series 9 with 2560×1440 display


Usually, a 13-inch laptop will feature a screen resolution of no more than the usual 1600×900. In the case of the Samsung 9 series prototype laptop however, the company has gracefully given the user a powerful 2560×1440 display instead. In addition to that, instead of the glossy surface that we commonly see in most laptops, it features a matte screen instead. With all of this being said and done, it matches the ASUS high-end gaming monitor in terms of pixels as well. As compared with the Retina MBP, it has a slightly less amount of total resolution.

Other than that, there wasn’t much that the company had released but what we have seen is that it will feature the upcoming Microsoft Windows 8 instead of Windows 7. This makes sense considering that it won’t be long before Windows 8 comes into play and Windows 7 will be stopped to be sold by Microsoft.

The engineering sample of the Samsung Series 9 is really interesting and hopefully when it does come into manufacturing, it won’t be too expensive. Nevertheless, since the Series 9 is one of the company’s high end product, the specification should be just as good to complement the immense display that the Samsung has to offer.

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