Samsung Series 5 Laptop to get AMD Trinity


The Samsung Series 5 laptop can be considered to be more of a mainstream laptop. Previously, most of it has been powered by Intel but the next Samsung Series 5 laptops will be a bit different than its predecessor. This is because instead of using Intel, they will be using the AMD Trinity APUs instead which for some can certainly be a shocker.

It is not to say that the Series 5 won’t be getting its fair share of the Ivy Bridge processor. It will but there will also be an AMD variant for those wanting cheaper priced Series 5 laptops as well. The AMD model will be using the quad-core A10-4655M along with an AMD Radeon HD 7500G GPU. In addition to that, the 13.3-inch laptop will ensure a recommended price tag of just $700 while the 14-incher will cost you around $850.

With this being said and done, you will be getting a decently specced product at a good price. For those that are wary about the RAM and HD storage space, you’ll be happy to know that both variant has 4GB worth of RAM as well as 500GB and 750GB storage space respectively. At that price tag, you will be getting a good laptop.

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