Samsung Series 7 Gamer – Samsung’s First Gaming Laptop


There is a first for just about anything and in the case of Samsung, its Samsung Series 7 Gamer is its first gaming laptop which will also be made available in the United States as well. Like any other gaming machine, this one looks big. It sports a 17-inch screen and some of the best components inside it. In addition to that, it is anything but light due to its total weight of 8.39 pounds.

Inside the Samsung Series 7 Gamer laptop is an Intel Core i7-3610QM processor along with a very powerful graphics card which is the NVIDIA GTX675M. Even on a quick look, the Series 7 Gamer means business. It also has a 1.5TB 7200RPM drive, Blu-ray capability as well as a 16GB memory inside it. Other notable features include a backlit keyboard with changeable colors, thanks to its Samsung ModeShift application.

With this being said and done, you can expect the Samsung Series 7 Gamer to cost a lot of cash, especially with its powerful processor and graphics card. At a price tag of $1,900, it isn’t a laptop that many can afford. You might find some other gaming laptop which may cost a bit cheaper but knowing Samsung, they do have the knack of delivering good quality laptops.

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