Samsung’s Touch Screen Ultrabook Unveiled with a Bang


The eagerly awaited Samsung Series 5 Ultrabook was made public at the IFA gathering yesterday. Thicker, heavier, and better, this new classy model overtakes the stance of the earlier version.

At the uncovering of various Windows 8 system using devices, Samsung’s newer ultrabook version stood out with its touch screen facet. The difference of improvement lie in the Windows 8 and interactive screen upgrade characteristics.

Latest Series 5 Ultrabook Complements Windows 8

The mark of Samsung’s new development is the novel idea of touch screen utilization, which is in tacit support of Windows 8 system. The parameters and performance functionalities categorize this new release in the ultrabook league, as conceptualized by Intel processors.

The tiled interface of the Windows 8 OS balances the ultrabook’s contact based response by making it more exciting and innovative. Will you be missing the Start menu option on the screen? Samsung has produced its own solution that will allow users to see the Start button and Control Panel features, as in older versions of the Windows system.

Analogous to earlier versions

Many elements in the Series 5 Ultrabook are similar to the Samsungs’ earlier versions. Sporting comparable touchpad feature and port selection aspects, this gadget can configure from a few choice of Intel processors.

The unique touch screen feature alongside the new OS is expected to set the ball rolling for Samsung. Wait and watch for the gadget release on 26 October 2012.

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