Slimmest Google’s Own Chromebook Hitting Stands on Monday


The much-awaited novel Google laptop in the market will be available from 22 October onwards. The one-of-its-kind gadget can be purchased via online stores and a few chosen shops in the gadgets market. Google Chromebook equipment comes integrated with all the success technology behind the innovative make.

Thinnest Google Chromebook Laptop in the World

The anticipated product is a Samsung Chromebook model that is priced at $250. The cost-effective only deal is the current talk of the town. Publicized as an add-on device on the lines of an extra-purchase to be had alongside PCs, the new device houses a double-core ARM processor of Exynos with a memory capacity of 16 GB saving and 2 GB RAM.

The smartphone cum tablet oriented processor chip is incorporated in the model that runs with Google Chrome browser and Chrome OS. The Google drive offers a two-year term free storage of 100 GB capacity that enables file-saving work in the cloud rather than in the apparatus itself.

Unique Features of Samsung’s Fresh Chromebook

The 0.8-inch thick and 2.5 pounds heavy laptop comprises of a smart keyboard and a trackpad that can be experienced in the multi-Chromezone kiosks spread in the market. Branded as an additional computer gadget, the new Google Chromebook is all set to storm the laptop souk in the coming week.

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