Sony Releases Red Edition for Vaio Series of Notebooks


Vaio notebooks has got just new look of Dorothy’s sparkling red shoes as Sony has unveiled a red version of Vaio notebooks. Recently selling Vaio Duo 13 with a limited red edition Sony is launching red version to the notebooks family now.

Customized Options for Buyers

Sony has given liberty to its consumers for customizing their own systems as they can not only choose the color, but they can also select their own processors and operating systems of their choice. Moreover, company is also rolling out upgrades for the notebooks.

Vaio Red Model

There are five different models coming to Vaio Red Edition, and these are Vaio Pro-11 and 13 inch, Vaio Duo 13, Vaio Fit-14 and 15 inch. These five notebook gadgets have other similar features besides having the same color scheme. The choice of processors users will have up to Intel Core i7, Windows 8 Pro OS with touch screen capabilities and screen resolutions up to 1920 x 1080 pi.

Sony Vaio red models have some dissimilarities also, such as, Vaio Fit 15” has memory limit up to 12GB while Vaio Pro models and Vaio Duo 13 can hold memory up to 8GB only. The SSD capacity of Duo 13 and Vaio Pro models is 512 GB and Vaio Fit has SSD of only 256 GB.

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