The 27-inches 5K Retina Display iMac is Show Stealer, but Expensive


imac-retinaThis is the time of the year gadgets world expects electronics companies to offer them their best products. Many products are launched around this period because season for gifts starts from here. Apple makes it a point to launch its iPads at this time. But this year, it was Apple iMac that was discussed the most. That is because of the resolutions on its display.  The device is classified as 5K retina display device.


The new iMac would have a resolution of 5120 by 3880 pixels, which means 218 pixels in every inch. Since the screen size is 27 inches, there would be 14.7 million of these pixels. This makes its pictures 4 times better than previous iMac and 67 percent better than the screens of television sets that are 4K. The new iMac device is also 5 mm thick like its predecessor. Apple has improved on energy consumption. The new device requires 30 percent lower energy from its predecessor.


The device comes with AMD’s advanced graphics processing card, i.e., Radeon R9M290x. This graphics card is popular in gaming computers like Alienware 17. According to Apple Nvidia GeForce’ GTX graphics, card is slower than this by almost 45 percent.  The previous iMac had Nvidia’s graphics card. The 3.5 GHz Intel Core quad-core processor (i5) will be the heart of this new iMac. Apple has created high-end and low-end options. The lower end devices would come with a RAM of 8GB, apart from 1 terabytes of the company’s fusion drive. In other words, there is a hard-disk drive as well as a hybrid flash storing facility.

A significant change would be higher end units would 4GHZ i7 core processor, which is a system built on-a-chip. The RAM for the higher end model would be 32 GB and its fusion drive would be of 3TB. The price of lower end model is about $2,499, and for more top end device people would be paying $4,478.

The cost of the device is certainly an issue. The product is unlikely to take off primarily because people would wait for competitors to come up with cheaper alternatives. But Apple has its own loyal clientele. That market may still remain intact.

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