The Future of Laptops – Ultrabooks


2012 will be the year when laptops will be re-invented. The so called “Ultrabooks” will be released by major corporations throughout the world. Dell, HP, Lenova, Fujitsu, Acer are all ready to display their Ultrabooks at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January. It is predicted nearly 50 models of Ultrabooks will presented. The Ultrabooks will surely cause a buzz amongst people in the world.

New Ivy Bridge Chip

Intel has come up with a new Ivy Bridge Chip that will make future processors much smaller and light-weight which is ideal for tablet PCs and Ultrabooks. The term ‘Ultrabook’ has been trademarked by Intel and according to them following specifications are required for a laptop to be called an Ultrabook gadget:

  • Thickness – Less than 0.71 inches or 18 millimeters
  • Weight – Less than 3.1 pounds or 1.41 kg
  • Battery Life – More than 5 hours
  • Must have Intel’s Rapid start technology
  • Must have flashed based drive for storage

Market Expectations

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) is excited about the Ultrabooks and believes it will help to gain more revenue in the future. This year the global retail revenue from electronic gadgets was around $960 billion. CEA predicts next year this revenue will touch the $1 trillion mark.

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  1. Jack says:

    I read reviews before I got the laptop that the keys were an issue. Some people complained about the keys not having the right amount of heft, which caused them to miss keys, or were unable to hit the arrow keys. Again, I like big things. Big keyboards included. That said. I don’t have an issue, at all with the keyboard.

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