Top 5 Dragon Skins For Your Laptop


Laptop skin is one of the most essential accessory which one should buy to protect his laptop. The skins protects a laptop against scratches and dust.

Skins not only protects the laptop, but also adds up to the looks. I have listed 5 durable, dustproof and waterproof dragon skins below –

#5. Red Dragon –

Red Dragon Laptop Skin

The design of Red Dragon skin focuses in the middle. People who owns a 12-inch or a 14-inch laptop have to cut the sticker to match the size.

As the design focuses in the center, the people owning a 12 or 14 inch laptop can choose this for their notebooks.

You can buy it here – Red Dragon Skin

#4. Blue Dragon –

Blue Dragon Laptop Skin

Blue Dragon is yet another durable dragon skin for laptops. The Blue Dragon skin is dark and one can choose it to make his laptop look more elegant.

If you’re in love with the blue color, you are surely gonna love this one.

You can buy it here – Blue Dragon Skin

#3. Ying Yang Dragon Tiger –

Ying Yang Dragon Tiger Laptop Skin

The symbol of Yin-Yang is based on ancient Chinese understandings which denotes the way in which things work. The Ying Yang Dragon Tiger is an attractive laptop skin.

You can choose this skin to make your laptop eye-catchy.

You can buy it here – Ying Yang Dragon Tiger Skin

#2. Ying Yang –

Ying Yang Laptop Skin

This skin is somewhat similar to the one mentioned above. This is another elegant design which has got a dragon surrounding the Yin-Yang symbol.

If you love simple and elegant designs, this one will be perfect for you.

You can buy it here – Ying Yang Skin

#1. Phoenix –

Phoenix Laptop Skin

Phoenix is the best Dragon skin available for your laptop. You will surely fall in love with the design.

So, if you wanna make your laptop more attractive and if you want to protect it from dust, you can’t get anything better.

You can buy it here – Phoenix Skin

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