Toshiba entering in Promising Laptop Hard Drive Industry with 1 TB Hard Drive


It’s the time to get ready for storing lots of games, videos, images and music files on your laptop hard drive. Toshiba recently launched 1 TB hard drive for laptops gadgets, thus hits this particular market segment with 2.5” MQ01ABD Hard Drive.

Drive Specifications

The weight of this drive is according to the prevailing market standards with a compact height of 9.55 mm. And it is equipped with two platters each of 500 GB storage. As said above, total capacity of the drive is 1 Terra Byte.

Interface and Technical Specifications

The MQ01ABD Drive exerts a rotational speed of 5400 rounds/min along with 12 ms of seek timing. The interface is SATA2. Well, you can also find this hard drive in smaller storage segments like 250 GB, 320 GB, 500 GB or 750 GB as well but since today everyone needs lots of memory storage, having 1 TB of storage makes the world quite easy.

As of now there is no confirmation of pricing from the company but it will be soon available in the market. As per company resources it will hit the market by mid August. Also, it has been revealed that this hard drive will offer increased data storage capacity per square of additional 35%.


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