Toshiba launches Tecra R940 and R950 for small businesses


One of the few companies that have good quality products is Toshiba simply because of their good quality control. One line of devices that is catered for small business is their Tecra line. The good thing about this is that it sports some of the best components available in the market. In fact, good news for those that have been looking forward to buy new small business laptops because Toshiba had recently updated their Tecra line to make use of the new Ivy Bridge processors.

Two enterprise laptops were launched by Toshiba and this was the R940 and R950. Both of them comes with features unique only to business-class laptops and in fact, companies can purchase up to 100 units. When it comes to size, the R940 is a 14-inch laptop while the R950 is a 15-inch laptop. Both of them starts at a price tag of $600 and is customizable till up a few thousand. In fact, you can even configure your Tecra laptop to have SSD drives as well.

Since these two laptop models are tailored for companies, you might not be able to get them for your own use. Nevertheless, these are highly durable laptops on which most business-people will definitely be happy with.

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