Toshiba Portege Z835 notebook; aggressively priced, stellar performance


Toshiba is the maker of a lot of electronic devices in the market such as television and even notebooks. The Portege series is one of its finest and the Z835 is an ultrabook in the making. Ultrabook are definitely a favorite amongst people that are on the go simply because these are lightweight and are highly portable and the Portege Z835 is exactly that.

At 2.4 pounds, it may be one of the lightest notebooks in the market but that doesn’t mean Toshiba has cut out all the ports found in a standard notebook. The Portege Z835 has USB 3.0, HDMI and Ethernet ports and a battery which lasts a whopping 8 hours.

It sports an Intel i3 processor which runs at a 1.3GHz and uses the Intel HD 3000 integrated graphic cards so users should not expect the notebook to run high performance applications with ease. It would work but not as good. This notebook is good for normal office applications instead.

With all of these features made available, it is bound to fetch a high price but not in this case. Toshiba has released this excellent notebook for only $800. This can be considered as a bargain considering that the specs of this ultrabook can be considered good for its price.

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