Watch New Sony Vaio Ultrabook at CES 2012


The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2012 at Las Vegas prominently featured Ultrabooks with Sony entering into the race against Apple Macbook Air. Seemingly different that major Ultrabooks like the Acer Aspire S5 and the HP Envy Spectre the 13-inch laptop was on display in the CES 2012 among other novel gadgets.

Design Details

Much detail has been kept under wraps, but most of its aesthetic and external design details will not go unnoticed. The Ultrabook is silver colored and has a cover with a brushed aluminum texture with the iconic logo of VAIO stamped in the middle.

The pleasing Sony keyboard suits the glossy 13-inch display. A row of physical buttons is placed above the keyboard with the familiar functions. Besides another logo, of the VAIO on the left the notebook also features a seamless mouse pad.

The left side of the Sony Vaio Ultrabook has an Ethernet port, VGA out, HDMI audio/video out, a headphone jack and a memory card slot. The other side of the notebook has two USB ports, a fan, and port for power.

Specs Not Known

The Ultrabook specifications have not been released yet, and the CES display was kept in a glass box and could not be touched. Pricing and availability of the notebook has not been made public either.

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