8 Reasons Why you should choose Nokia N8 as your next phone


Nokia N8

Nokia N8 is one of the most popular Nokia Phones of the year 2010. You must have already noticed several ‘Nokia N8‘ blog posts, tweets, communities etc.

You must be knowing about the Nokia N8 features already, but here 8 Features which will make you fall for the Nokia N8.

1). 12 Megapixel Camera, Xenon Flash, HD Video Recording -

Nokia N8 comes with a 12 megapixel camera which has got Xenon Flash. With the all new 12 megapixel camera, the user can record HD Videos with 1280X720p resolution and that is one of the best part.

2). N8 runs on Symbian^3 -

Nokia N8 runs on Symbian^3 which is the most advanced version of Symbian. This version is far better than the S60v5. Symbian^3 has got better graphics and supports multiple touch. According to Nokia, Symbian^3 comes with 250 new features.

3). AMOLED Display with multi-touch Pinch and Zoom -

This phone has got a 3.5′ capacitive AMOLED display. This provides a better output and offers a vivid display. The display offers nHD (640×360) resolution which adds an extra pleasure to your images and videos.

4). Connectivity and USB on the go -

Nokia N8 offers different connectivity options to the user, it has got a bluetooth and it supports Wi-Fi as well. But, ‘USB on the go’ is my favorite connectivity option, the user can connect any USB device with his Nokia N8, he can share files or play them directly via USB device.

5). Hardened Gorilla Glass -

When it comes to touchscreen phones, glass plays an important role and it does make a difference. In the case of Nokia N8, the user will surely be satisfied with the screen. It comes with a hardened gorilla glass which is the hardest glass available till date.

6). Aluminium body, Available in vibrant colors -

Unlike most of the phones, the Nokia N8 isn’t made of plastic. It has rather got an aluminium body which further adds up to it’s beauty. The different colors also acts as an attraction for the buyer.

7). Social Networking -

In Nokia N8 one can see all the social network updates on the home screen itself. So, if you’re a social media guy, you will surely love this feature.

8). Price -

Nokia N8 which comes with a great set of features is available only for €370 (without taxes). So, it is the best mobile phone which you could get for such a low price. This might be another reason why people will choose Nokia N8 as their next phone.

The Nokia N8 is about to release and there are several reasons why people are falling for it. However, if you wish to own a Nokia N8 and don’t wanna spend a penny, here is your chance to Win Nokia N8 (click the bold text).

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  1. I will look into this phone. A 12 megapixel camera is a sick thing to have in ones pocket at all times.

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    Thank’s for share

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