A New Amazon Smartphone


After the grand success with Kindle Fire and its brand of E-ink e-readers, but getting more out of content sales than from the gadgets. Amazon is gearing up to consolidate its hardware arm and bring out a smartphone! Bloomberg reports that Amazon is collaborating with hardware manufacturer Foxconn and is reportedly reading a smartphone. The rumor is due to sources with ‘knowledge of the matter’. Earlier in November last year, the rumors had started out from Citigroup.

A Late Move

It is indeed surprising that Amazon did not start working on a smartphone sooner because it has most of the things needed; a popular and diverse app store, resourced content marketplaces and Amazon’s own version of the Android OS. Most importantly, Amazon has its own band of reliable followers. Nevertheless, one should not forget that Amazon was primarily an online bookstore and only in 2007, it debuted on the hardware market with the release of the Kindle e-readers.


The smartphone world is already well established with Samsung hauling a lion’s share of the market with 42.2 million gadgets world over mainly through Android followed closely by Apple with 35.1 million smartphones selling out its superior high-end smartphones like hot cakes. Amazon will have to deal with carriers and deal with the possibility of patent wars too!

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