Alcatel’s One Touch Idol 3 is more than a budget phone


Alcatel One Touch Idol 3Alcatel has launched its One Touch Idol 3 at a competitive price. The smartphone resembles Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus. These attractive looks of this device do not feel as great when touching it. But it is certainly a better product for its price.


The device comes with a plastic frame. It has a metallic trim. The back of the device has finishing resembling brushed metal. The device is slightly big. It has 5.5 inch IPS LCD Full HD display screen with a resolution of 1080 pixels. There are two speakers on either side that give clear loud sound. The unique feature of this phone is that it can be reversed. Therefore, the user can call or receive calls even when the device is upside down. This feature, however, requires getting used to because the device locks the orientation in which the phone was last used.

Therefore, an incoming call can be taken only if the orientation is in that direction. But the best feature is the security system in this phone. It uses Eye-D technology, which is a biometric way to scan the pattern of blood vessels in the eye’s white part. The user has to face the front camera for such screening. Only if the criterion matches, the device provides access to the rest of the content. This feature, however, is also not perfect as yet. The camera on the rear is 13MP camera, whereas the front camera is 8MP. Pictures from the gadget are nothing to write home about.


Alcatel’s One Touch Idol 3 is an Android device. It uses Android 5.0.2 Lollipop as its OS. The device has a storage capacity of approximately 10 GB after loading the OS. But it also has the slot for microSD in the tray of its SIM card. Therefore, it is possible to extend this memory to 128GB. The battery life is also acceptable considering the target market of this device. The RAM in this device is 2GB. The processor in this device is Snapdragon’s MSM8939 (615) Octa core.

Alcatel’s this smartphone is worth considering since it costs merely $250 for the device and the customer is at liberty to choose whichever carrier he or she prefers. That is huge considering that most device manufacturers bundle the device with carrier’s services and collect additional amount each month within the charges of carrier’s service.

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