Alleged Photo Leak of HTC M8 UI


HTC M8 UIGadgets world is expecting HTC to release HTC M8 at upcoming Mobile World Congress 2014. @evleaks has recently indicated that even the Sense UI may be in for an upgrade. Though unconfirmed, people are delighted at this prospect. Market is already smitten by the existing Sense UI built within HTC One. Any upgrade is only likely to enhance the features.

Leaks about HTC M8 which are hard to ignore

For starters, people are basing their expectations on a leaked photo of HTC M8, which may well be a fake. However in case it is not, this device would resemble its predecessor, i.e., HTC One. Market is satisfied with HTC One, so this news has nothing adverse, if not anything positive. People would be reminded of the design of Windows Phone or leaked images of Samsung’s Galaxy S5.

Software in proposed HTC M8

If the leaked images are to be believed then the UI in the device would have tiled layout like the design of Windows Phone, or leaked images of Samsung’s Galaxy S5. It may be recalled that not so long ago; a photo of HTC M8 was leaked, which was promptly refuted by executive from HTC. This is the reason, a sense of caution now prevails on what to believe, and what to ignore.

In all probability, the buttons on the screen may well be included. However the leak even if it comes from @evleaks may well be something that cannot be believed as yet. Given the nature of such leaks, and the frequency with which they are called fakes, markets do need to find another way to know about mobile phone devices, if they cannot wait any longer.

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