Amazing Amazon: Nokia Lumia 920 now at $40


Weeks after its launch, Nokia’s Lumia 920 mobile phones are witnessing a significant drop in prices with retail website Amazon selling it for as low as $40. AT&T initially launched the gadget in November for $100, and the lowered prices are available at the online store.

While the company cites holiday season discounts behind the price cuts, sales figures show the Lumia 920 selling only 4 million sets in the second quarter of 2012, which is significantly lower than its competitors like the Cupertino, which crossed the 35 million mark during the period.

Nokia Lumia Range

Nokia’s other models, the Lumia 822 and Lumia 810, which too were introduced for $100, are now being given free with a two year contract by Verizon and T- mobile.

Discounting season

After sizeable discounts on the Lumia 920 and HTC’s 8X, Amazon’s holiday discount spree continues on Samsung’s Galaxy SIII, which is being offered for $50 while others like Verizon quote it for $60 and AT&T for $80.

With price cut now Lumia will target a new market sector, as it is low in cost and a good alternative for customers to buy smartphone.

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