Amazon Fire Phone is Increasing its Market Share Rapidly


Amazon Fire PhoneGadgets world is probably surprised with this because the device is by no means one of the best ones around. Its 3D feature leaves plenty to be desired. But still the market share of this smartphone from Amazon seems to be increasing each day. So why is market opting for this device?


Per se, there is nothing extraordinary about Amazon Fire Phone. The device has a display screen that is 5.5 inches x 2.6 inches.  Many smartphones nowadays have displays of that size. It however includes a 2.2 GHz processor, which is the Snapdragon’s quad-core variety. This specification does put many of the existing devices out of the race. Added to that is the Adreno 330 graphics processing unit, which is also a desirable specification. Its 2GB RAM is almost a standard for smartphones now.


The device has its own ecosystem quite like Android and Apple’s iPhone. The word ecosystem in relation to electronics devices refers to facilities such as application for music, video streaming, online application store, and of course, cloud storage as well. Amazon Fire Phone offers all these and therefore, is independent of other requirements.

Where Fire Phone scores over other gadgets is the shopping facility. None of the other systems can offer such integrated shopping network as Amazon. This is the primary reason for growing demand for this product and will keep the Fire Phone in lead till other device manufacturers find a way around it.

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