Amazon offering 30 Verizon Phones at Giveaway Prices


If your hands are cuffed with limited budget to buy a new phone, then Amazon has something to surprise you.

Limited Period Offer

For a limited time period, Amazon is giving away 30 Verizon phones for just a penny. The only criterion is; you should sign a new contract. The range of phones available under this deal includes Blackberry, LG, Samsung and Android-based gadgets.  Unfortunately, iPhone 4S is not available within this deal. The offer is valid till October 17 and the deal starts from today.

Get Latest Verizon Phones

Though there could be some activation charge for some of the devices, not for all and Amazon has not yet unveiled details on the same. Motorola Droid Bionic, which was released in September, is on the hit list as it is known for super-fast Internet access and high-quality apps. This is a golden offer for those who were thinking of buying Motorola Droid Bionic as this is the first dual-core LTE phone available in the market today. Apart from Motorola, there are a couple of HTC phones also available under this deal. Above all, the HTC Thunderbolt is also available.

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