Amazon Prepping to Launch 3D Smartphone in Market


Amazon 3D SmartphoneInternational Business Times, CNET, and Boy Genius Report now clearly have some sort of proof to bring life to the rumors that Amazon is planning to launch a 3D smartphone. A drawing board was what the gadget from Amazon was reported to be, but now a complete set of Amazon 3D smartphones gadgets are what you can expect.

Image of Amazon 3D Smartphone

The image which is apparently used by the internal team of graphic designers has been leaked. As per the leaked image, the Amazon 3D smartphone gadgets are said to have 3D motion detecting functionality. This functionality assures identifying all the movements. The image also shows the gadget has 3 buttons on its side, and the screen has large tiles.

Specs and when is it Due

Multiple cameras and sensors help in capturing the position of heads of the users, and the unique interface is also present in these gadgets. Other specs include display of 4.7 inch, 2 GB RAM, processor of Qualcomm Snapdragon, and rear camera of 1.3 mega pixel. The second half of 2014 is what the Wall Street Journal predicts for the launch of this phone. It seems that with the launch of Amazon 3D smartphone Apple and Samsung phones will face some tough competition.

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