An iPhone would Still be an iPhone if it were Known as iPhone 6 Plus


200x200_iPhone-6-Plus200x200_iPhone-6-PlusGadgets world is already aware that Apple has plans to release two models of iPhone this September. This is the 6th iPhone product, so it is natural that it is referred to as iPhone 6. But the problem Apple may face is differentiating between the two iPhone 6models. If rumors are to believe then the smartphone that has 5.5 inch screen may be christened as iPhone 6 plus.

Source of Information

The revelation was made by an Apple related blog from Japan, i.e., Macotakara. Effectively, the 4.7 inch model would remain iPhone 6. The reason this is being talked about is Apple tends to differentiate models with letter, in a particular letter C, and letter S.


The 5.5 inch model iPhone 6 would be available in all color schemes that are as of now applicable to iPhone 5S. This means people can order such device in white, black, gray, silver, and gold.

An unconfirmed rumor is exactly that. In any event, the time of launch is not very far. What is, however, certain is that apple will have a way to differentiate between the two models of iPhone 6 so that confusion is avoided.

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