Apple iCloud: Going to be reset by Sep, 22


Apple is planning to reset their backup data by September 22, according to Apple Inc.’s iCloud service. Earlier this year, Apple had announced the launch of their latest operating system for Apple mobile gadgets.

Update on iCloud

Apple users will soon be updated about the launch. We have trust that Apple is after this upcoming reset of the expected release of iOS 5 and it seems the new operating system will be made public near around time when this update will hit the market. The important point to note here is; the reset is exclusive of the data from mail, calendars, bookmarks, contacts.

Backup your data before Sep, 22

Once Apple resets iCloud backup, backing up or restoring the data on your apple gadget will not be possible from 9am to 5 pm as per PDT time zone. So, those of you who want to backup their data must do it before that. But the best part is, a full backup will turn out by its own when next time when you will create a backup to iCloud. Also, two iPhones are to be released in last Sep and they will hit the markets on October 7. Mac OS developers are in testing process of this icloud service from June and currently, its tenth beta is in progress.

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