Apple iPhone 3GS Review, Specs, Price in India


Apple iPhone 3GSApple Iphone 3GS is one of the best phones to have hit the market. It is one of the most well endowed phones. The users can look forward to marvelous entertainment with this phone because its endowed with features like TED which stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design. TED implies its extra applications of games and news which can be added by any user.They can listen to what celebrities all over the world are saying all the time. They can also mark their favorite conferences to listen to them later. The Apple’s iPhone is a revolutionary device. It is very easy to make phone calls by just tapping on a number or on contacts. The voice mail is also visual so any one can listen to the sent messages in spare time as per his/her own discretion.

This phone changes the way you have just live your life. So, users can benefit from excellent internet connectivity with features like maps with GPS and internet connectivity with browsers like safari. The phone also has integrated search engines of Google and Yahoo. So, you can easily email any of your snaps through Wifi. Browse through the web any time you desire. This phone truly enables you to multi task. This phone has one of the quickest web browsers. With applications like facebook, you can post a message from any part of the world. This phone is better than all the phones existing in the market today due to its sensor based keyboard and touch screen.

Price: 8 GB Apple iPhone 3GS = $499 (Rs 21,457 approximately), 16 GB Apple iPhone 3GS = $599 (Rs 25,757 approximately)

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