Apple iPhone 6 to have a Big 5.5-inch Screen


iphone-6-promotional-flyerGadgets world loves to speculate about new electronics devices and their features. But leaks are even better, as was the case with Apple’s iPhone 6. They give the satisfaction of “I told you so” when the company officially announces the product.  If rumors are to be believed, the new device that Apple proposes to launch in China will have two variants, based on screen sizes. One of the variants would have screen size of 4.7 inches whereas the other variant would have screen size of 5.5 inches.  The products are due to arrive in the fall of 2014 if the leaks are true.

Features and Specifications of Apple iPhone 6

Not much could be gleaned about the devices, from the softcopy of a flyer that briefly made an appearance of Weibo, which is a Chinese website, more correctly a forum site. If the flyer is reliable, the story about variants based on screen sizes is real.

Pricing of Phablets

Both the variants of iPhone 6 qualify as phablets rather than smart phones. Tentatively, the 4.7-inch device will be sold for $850 whereas the model with a larger screen would be priced at $1,012 a piece.


It’s a good move to launch phablets rather than tablets, or smart phones. Apple being a leader in this field will obviously find it easier to market its products when compared to lesser known products. Many people do not understand or use the features and specifications. However, almost everybody understands that the size of the screen is larger or smaller. This is the reason Apple is giving to gadgets world what it is seeking rather than what Apple is capable of.

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