Apple iPhone 7 to be Launched instead of Expected iPhone 6C


iPhone 7Gadgets world had taken it for granted that a 4 inch budget version of Apple’s iPhone 6 identified by the market as iPhone 6C would be launched this year. In fact, the market expected Apple to release iPhone 6S, and iPhone 6S plus also in 2015. But the Cupertino-based company seems to have other plans. It may release iPhone 7 instead. It may be recalled that in 2014, Apple released iPhone 6 and the market expected Apple to follow the tradition it set with iPhone 5C.

Features of iPhone 7

According to a note sent to investors, Apple is looking forward to introducing the next generation of its iPhone. The note mentioned that the device would have a sensor called Force Touch under its backlight. This would be a capacitive sensor that is FPC made.  Metal shielding will be used for laminating it. Even the hardware used for this sensor would be different when compared to the hardware that Apple has used in its 12 inch sized Retina MacBook, and Apple Watch. Advanced technology will be used to support this hardware.

What is Force Touch?

Basically, Force Touch is a sophisticated sensor that identifies how the finger pressure was applied on the screen and where. Conventional technology merely detects the pressure but does not differentiate in this fashion. Capacitive technology integrated into the sensor system will facilitate this feature. The device will also be slimmer because of the thinner FPC material.

As of now, these are only rumors. Apple may still choose to introduce a budget version of iPhone 6 as it will help it to retain its large market share. But with the information such as this doing rounds, chances are that people would avoid purchasing iPhone 6C and wait for iPhone 7C instead.

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