Apple all set to launch iPhone in September with Faster Chip


Apple has recently announced its plan to introduce another iPhone which is going to hit the market in September this year. This iPhone is equipped with a more advanced camera and a stronger chip for processing higher amount of data in shorter time. The new device has the potential to rule the tablet market in a quick span of time.

Features of the Device

The device is designed to include A5 processor which it used in iPad 2, an 8 mega pixel camera to go along with it which is an upgrade from 5 mega pixel as used in iPhone 4. The device is expected to have higher resolution. The new device is expected to run on the iOS 5 operating System as confirmed by the officials of Apple this month.

Advantages of iPhone

iPhone is one of the top seller products of Apple which accounted for half of its revenue. The faster chip will enable faster processing, faster loading of the programs and software and help the device perform some of the amazing tasks. It will feature improved messaging services, improved photo-sharing services and provide the users a world class experience. The device is compatible with all other Apple’s mobile devices.



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