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iPhone4 hands on

Apple iPhone 4 was released earlier this year, but it has not been released in India yet. iPhone 4 was available on ebay India from a very long time but somewhere in my heart I had a second thought that the iPhones selling over ebay were refurbished. I decided to wait and I waited for a couple of months. It wasn’t really easy to wait, but I made it somehow.

After waiting for a couple of months I finally started contacting some of the biggest mobile phone dealers in my city, none of them was having an iPhone 4. Then I went to a market (the biggest mobile phone’s market in my city) and I started looking for an iPhone 4. I knew that it’ll surely be available at a particular shop. I was waiting for it to open, luckily I found it there and bought it.

I was actually planning to buy a 32 GB iPhone 4 but it was out of stock, I then bought the 16 GB because I knew that after a couple of days it won’t be available either.

You can find the iPhone 4 unboxing pictures below -

apple iPhone4 unboxing pic

iPhone4 unboxed image

apple iPhone4 grayscale

I guess these images will be enough for now, stay tuned for more information about iPhone 4 applications and accessories.

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  1. sam says:

    does the app store works for u , how much did you pay for iphone 16 gb bocz i am from delhi want to get one too mate..but i am confused about the jailbreakng and other stuff.

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