AT&T Now offering iPhone Insurance


AT&T is soon coming up with an extra security for the iPhone users. AT&T will provide new insurance policy to the owners of iPhone to protect their precious gadgets. This insurance policy, which is to start on July 17, will cover the mobile against loss or theft, damage caused due to physical accidents, mechanical or electrical failure even after the warranty period. This plan is already covering other mobile devices and handsets.

Details of the Plan

Getting an insurance policy from AT&T will cost the users a very affordable $ 4.99 per month per mobile phone; however an additional charge of $50 or $125 will be deducted on every claim depending on the model of the handset. AT&T guarantees to replace the phone within 1 or 2 business days with a new or remanufactured handset. However the company will limit the number of claims to 2 within a year. Customers will also be provided an option to cancel the policy at any point of time.

Other Insurance Offers

AT&T also provides other similar insurance options through Asurion. Apart from that, Verizon Wireless is also offering insurance cover for iPhone and other devices. Due to the increasing use of iPhone and consequently increased safety threats, buying an iPhone insurance cover from AT&T will be a very good option for the customers.


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