Best GPS Tracking Apps For The Apple iPhone


There are numerous free and paid GPS apps available on the iTunes App Store. Which of these apps are great and which are not worth a second look? Here is a review on the most popular GPS tracking apps for the Apple iPhone. Read on to find out more….

Free GPS Tracking Apps for the iPhone

  • AmAze GPS

AmAze GPS is a free iPhone app that gives you turn-by-turn voice directions, also viewable in 2D or 3D, as you like it. The voice is quite clear and the graphics are not too bad at all. All-in-all, this one, though free, works just about as nicely as a paid app.

There is only one downside here. AmAze regularly pops up a new window, giving you the option of shifting to the paid version. But hey, this is not really such a problem, is it?

Download AmAze here.

amaze gps

  • Free GPS

Free GPS is probably one of the best ever free iPhone GPS tracking apps. This no-frills app is simple to use and works quite well.

Free GPS lets you tag locations with practically no effort at all. You can also manually enter WayPoints if that is what you wish.

Download Free GPS here.

  • GPS-Logger

This one is great for geo-caching. Not only does it take great pictures, but you also can go back and add pictures to it taken from cameras or other phones. That is truly the best part of this app.

Once you add all your pictures, you can then proceed to tag them to a specific date, location, time and so on.

Considering this is a free app, it definitely gives you more than you can ever imagine in a GPS tracking app.

Here is your GPS-Logger download link.

  • GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker from InstaMapper is nice enough, though it is slightly tricky for some. You will first have to apply for a free code and then only proceed to use it. Apart from that, there is no hitch whatsoever with using this iPhone GPS tracking app.

One has to admit that InstaMapper’s iPhone interface is not really all that impressive, but it tracks you pretty well. It is especially helpful if you are a traveller, hiker or avid geo-cacher. This app updates info every few seconds, thus ensuring that you are always on the radar for others to access you!

Download GPS Tracker here.

Paid GPS Tracking App for the iPhone

  • LOCiMOBILE from GTX Corp

This is a paid GPS tracking app for the iPhone. Simple to use and pretty much affordable, it works well and constantly keeps a track of your location. This app is in fact among the top ten downloaded apps and second most popular social networking app on iTunes.

With LOCiMOBILE, you can locate your friends, arrange online meetings, work with maps and more. This useful app also offers you turn-by-turn directions to your place of interest.

This app comes with built-in integration Facebook and Twitter. Once purchased, you can have unlimited users on this app. Since this is a paid app, you will not have popup ads while using the software either.

The disadvantage with this app is that it will not work on unlocked phones. Also, iTouch users should be connected to WiFi to make the most of this app. Otherwise accuracy may be compromised.

This app is available on iTunes for $3.99 only.

There are thousands of other GPS tracking apps for the iPhone, both free and paid. It all depends on what you are looking to get from the app and how much you are willing to pay for it.


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