Car Kit Windshield Holder Mount Cradle For iPhone 4 [REVIEW]


iPhone4 Car Holder

Car Kit Windshield Holder Mount Cradle is an in-car mobile holder for the Apple iPhone 4. This car holder has got a unique design and the size of this holder is perfectly compatible with iPhone 4.

The shape and structure of the unit doesn’t occupies a lot of space and the holder is fully adjustable as per the need of the user. One can easily place this holder on windshield or any glass desks. The unique design of this holder gives full control to the user for managing the rotation and position of the iPhone.

Some unique features of this iPhone holder are mentioned below –

1. Large Vacuum Space – This ensures that the iPhone is safe and offers the maximum secure attach of the iPhone to any windshield.

2. Bendable goose-pipe – Bendable goose-pipe allows the maximum flexibility and helps the user in choosing the best placement.

3. Accessibility – All buttons of iPhone 4 are fully accessible and one can even charge his phone without removing it from the stand.

Final Verdict –

After using it personally for a week, I really think that it is a must have accessory for people who likes to travel by car. One can enjoy movies, music and almost everything while driving and he doesn’t have to bother about anything, his iPhone will be right there in front of him. People just have to make sure that if they drive their cars by their own, then they should not let their concentration be on the iPhone.

You can buy this accessory directly from LightInTheBox. Here is the direct link to the accessory – Car Holder.

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