CDMA Apple iPhone 4 May Hit The World In January


Apple iPhone 4

After the success of Apple iPhone, Apple iPhone 4, Apple iPad and various other Apple Gadgets, it’s time for something new.

Apple has come up with different ideas everytime all the time and this time it is going to be none other than the idea of a CDMA Apple iPhone 4. It is believed that the CDMA Apple iPhone is going to have similar features and specifications as of the Apple iPhone 4. The main difference between the two would be that the new iPhone will be supporting CDMA carriers instead of the GSM ones.

Here are some worthy words from John Gruber -

It’s certainly not in production yet, and hasn’t reached DVT status (device verification test — like Gray Powell’s infamous stolen unit), but it is, a few little birdies claim, at EVT (engineering verification test). That’s one step below DVT, which is one step below production.

So, according to John, the Apple iPhone 4 CDMA is going through engineering verification test which means it is still a bit of time to release.

I am sure everybody must be excited about the new CDMA Apple iPhone 4, we will update you as soon as we get more information about the CDMA iPhone.

[via daring fireball]

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  1. Vikash says:

    Wow thats a nice news. However we must also think about the price. I guess if it is launched in India then it will be too too expensive

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