Fantabulous iPhone 4 Pouch [REVIEW]


iPhone 4 Fantabulous Pouch

Fantabulous iPhone 4 Pouch is a pouch which is designed specially for the iPhone 4. It is made up of Premium Faux-Leather which is tough and attractive at the same time.

iPhone4 in pouch front side

iPhone4 in pouch back side

This pouch has got an eye-catching design. It protects the iPhone  4 from scratches, dust and other stuff. The size of this cover is perfect and I am sure that anyone would love to see his iPhone 4 in a safe cover. The perfect size not only eases up the handling and grip, but it also does the cleaning of your iPhone 4. Sliding in and out of the cover cleans the dust particles present on your phone and it does remove the fingerprints as well. So, you get a new-like phone each time you slide in or out.

The interior of Fantabulous pouch is made up of microfiber inner lining which offers complete protection to your iPhone 4. It is a must have iPhone accessory which really helps you in keeping your phone safe.

Tired of noticing scratches on the screen of your iPhone 4? Go ahead and buy a Fantabulous iPhone 4 Pouch for yourself. You will no longer have to worry about scratches, dust and stuff and you can keep your iPhone 4 right in your pocket without any issues.

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iPhone 4 in fantabulous pouch

(The above picture shows how perfect is the Fantabulous Pouch actually is.)

The fantabulous pouch is available for a fantabulous price of $19.99. It is available in 7 different colors including black and blue. By the way the packing of this pouch was impressive and the product itself was beyond my expectations.

You can buy fantabulous iPhone 4 pouch here – Buy iPhone 4 Pouch.

Ratings –

Durability – 10/10

Look and Feel – 10/10

Price – 9/10

I think that the price is a bit higher, but yes it is a must have accessory. Do you use any pouch for your iPhone 4? Which one do you find the best (if you have used any)?

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