How To: Close an application in Apple iPhone 4


I get several questions in my email everyday. This week, three people were asking me the same question, this post is for those three people and for everyone who is not sure about closing an application in Apple iPhone 4.

You must already be knowing that Apple iPhone 4 supports multitasking which means you can run multiple applications at the same time. If you have recently bought an iPhone 4 and if you’re not familiar with iOS, then this tutorial is for you.

This tutorial will teach you ‘how to swap between multiple application running on an iPhone 4’ and ‘how to close applications in an iPhone 4’.

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How to swap between multiple applications?

For checking the number of active applications, press the iPhone 4 Home Button twice. You’ll now be able to see the active applications and you’ll be able to swap between the active applications. You can check the picture below –

iPhone active applications

How to close an application in Apple iPhone 4?

It is really easy to close an application in iPhone 4. Press the Home Button twice. Now press and hold icon of any active application. You’ll now notice small red buttons on the top of icons. Press the red button to close the respective application.

Closing applications in iPhone 4

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  1. Well, this is a pretty basic tutorial, but I am sure this will be lot helpful for the newbies. Thanks for sharing

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  2. SJ says:

    The multi-task bar doesn’t actually close the apps. I did this with meebo messenger. After the icon disappered from the multi-task bar I cud still recieve pings from my friends. I still haven’t figured out how to close an app!

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