How To: Know the manufacturing date of your Apple iPhone 4


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At times, iPhone users wants to know the manufacturing date of their iPhones and usually they are not able to figure out a way to find that. Finding out the manufacturing date of an iPhone is simple and users can’t even guess that it could be this much easy.

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For finding the manufacturing date of your iPhone 4, connect your iPhone to your pc or laptop. Open iTunes and click on the name of your device there. You will now see a 5-digit serial number. The first two digits of the serial number are the factory numbers, the third number denotes the last number of the year of manufacturing and the last two number shows the week of the year in which the phone was manufactured.

I have tried this method to find the mfg date of my iPhone 4, I am not sure that it will work with other iDevices, but I guess it should.

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