iPhone app that helps you Manage Power


With the growing technology come innovative designs and products. In a recent event in Washington, an Indian lead team at the University of San Francisco and Arkansas has developed an energy management system. This system will allow monitoring the energy production as well as consumption in various homes which currently use solar and wind power for their energy requirements. The team is headed by Indian-origin researcher.

Features of the system

This iPhone based new application will warn the homeowners of any critical battery issues and will give a warning to the users to turn off their appliances. This application will also allow the users identify the ideal time for the jobs that needs additional power consumption. This can further help in reducing the power consumption by adjusting to the power states of the devices.

Advantage of this system

This system has the potential to strike a perfect equilibrium between absolutely automated control systems and reactive or manual control systems. While the former may cause irritation to the customers for turning off the TV while they are watching a program; the latter may not be ample efficient to avert vital battery conditions or any other related energy outages. Hence this iPhone based application takes the middle path and provides numerous benefits to the customers.



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