Legal Siri Port is released officially by two Hackers


Grant Paul and Ryan Petrich are the two hackers who have recently introduced a Siri port which brings the entire voice assistant’s functionality to any jailbroken iOS5 gadget.

Unique Feature

Unlike other Siri ports; what makes this Siri port unique is the fact that it is legal. Actually, the previous attempts failed as obtaining files was a cumbersome task and it also involved copyright issues; however the Spire uses a unique method to obtain files necessary for Siri which relieves it from the copyright issues.

Pros and Cons

But, like everything in this world has its own share of pros and cons, likewise Apple still requires authorization to use Siri, which means you will have to use a proxy. Till the time there is no solution for jailbroken iPhone 4S, Siri port is a matter of using the phone’s own authentication tokens. Also, Paul believes once the iPhone 4S is jailbroken, no proxy server would be required.

Those of you who wish to have Spire can download it from Cydia now. Also, Spire uses about 100MB of data which means a Wi-Fi connection is a must have.

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