Localphone iPhone App – Now make cheap international VoIP calls through your iPhone


The popularity of local phone iphone app is increasing rapidly these days. Now you can use your iPhone to make low-priced calls directly. Localphone app also includes many new and cool features. You can easily install Localphone app in your iPhone gadget and can enjoy its exciting features.


  • Localphone app functions smoothly.
  • Contact numbers are obtained dynamically.
  • It includes a unique dial pad in which numbers are dialed in international format.
  • Localphone access number can be obtained directly and in this way you can save your money.
  • International calls can also be made in cheap rates.
  • Before making any call local phone iPhone app validates your PIN so that no one else can use your services.
  • You can be back call as call back option is also present in local phone iPhone app.
  • If you are using more than two local numbers then you can select anyone of them for making calls.


As this feature is introduced by VOIP so you can make first call for fee. You can make this call anywhere in the world but the time limit of this call is only 60 minutes. You can make next calls on very low rates.


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