Mivizu iPhone 4 Circle Case [REVIEW]


Mivizu Circle Case iPhone4

Mivizu iPhone 4 Circle Cases are again a very nice collection of cases from Mivizu. A few days back, I was using the Mivizu Hard Rubber Skin Case on my iPhone 4, but now I have replaced it with the Mivizu Circle Cases.

The circle cases are like an invisible protector. The cases are transparent and they help in protecting the iPhone from day to day scratches and dust particles.

Some features which I would like to highlight are mentioned below –

– Almost Invisible, looks good on an iPhone 4.

– Light-weight.

– Protects from day to day scratches and dust particles.

– Easy to add or remove.

– All buttons are easily accessible.

Final Verdict –

It has got a lot more than just looks and people who prefer attractive cases with good fitting will surely love to choose the Mivizu Circle Cases for their iPhone 4.

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