Nintendo’s Pokeman to come on Android and iOS Devices


Nintendo is planning to enter the market again with its pocket monster known as Pokeman. This will be available on both Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS latest gadgets. As per the statements from the company, this would be the first time when an application from Nintendo will work on hardware of another company. Nintendo will be working in co-ordination with Game Freak on the original title of the application for Android based device.

Features of New Application

The Nintendo’s Pokemon is a card based timing game which plays music as well while running. As of now, it seems that the users can download the application for free of cost; however the company may charge for additional music. The news came after Sony Ericsson Xperia Smartphone hit the market recently. Users can of-course play Playstation games on it.

High Expectations

Nintendo was not far behind in announcing its product to reach Smartphones and fortunately users can easily believe the worth company. Nintendo was initially planning to sell its product for higher prices so as to directly compete with iOS games. The company hopes that this product has the potential to attract a large number of customers in the very first go itself.



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