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One of the most sought-after smartphone models in the US still continues to be the Apple iPhone. Most of us smartphone users tend to store a lot of data, sometimes sensitive, on our handheld devices. Of course, that is what these wonderful things are meant for. But that means having to store a lot of information in there. Because one can access the Web from the mobile device even while on the move, we need to constantly remember our password for all kinds of online accounts, including social networks, banking accounts and so on. What if we end up forgetting a vital password?

Well, worry not, because there are some wonderful password manager apps for your iPhone. These let you store all your passwords in one convenient place, so that you can get them back if and when necessary. Here is a review of some password manager apps for the iPhone.

1Password and 1Password Pro for the iPhone

Though single sign-on systems are starting to be used for some mobile social networks today, you still need to remember multiple passwords for your other online accounts.

1Password and 1Password Pro are of tremendous help to iPhone users to keep their passwords in one safe place. Not only can you store all your passwords, but also other sensitive data such as credit card numbers and even passport information, should it ever get lost. You can also sync this data with your desktop edition of the software, if you have it.

There are two versions of this software. The 1Password app is available for $5 and the 1Password Pro costs $8. Both versions are available for direct download.

You first have to create two logins, one 4-digit unlock code and a longer master password. You may choose to override the unlock code for every use, but this makes your information more vulnerable to hackers. You can also sync all your desktop data by means of Wi-Fi, if you so wish. The 1Password Pro software allows you to copy and paste your data directly into Safari.

The only disadvantage with 1Password Pro is that the Safari integration is not as smooth as expected, though it is easy enough to install and use. Some may consider the cost factor as well, but that should not really matter, as the loss of important data can be far worse than a few dollars, right?

All-in-all, this is an app worth a look.

1Password for iPhone

Password Wallet for the iPhone

This one again works well with both the desktop and your iPhone. This app lets you store information and displays it in narrow windows. You may also choose to maintain multiple wallet files, each having their own master password, in case you would like to do so.

You can go directly to your browser by clicking on a URL within the window, though this function may not work consistently well each and every time. If you use Mobile Safari, you will have to constantly switch between windows.

The Password Wallet for iPhone app is free to use at the moment.

SplashID for the iPhone

The SplashID password manager app is also well-established on many other mobile OS’, such as Windows Mobile and Palm. This is also now available for the iPhone. This app lets you create items, assign custom fields and set labels of your choice. This lets you organize your passwords under multiple categories.

As in the Password Wallet app, this one also enables you to launch Web sites from within itself, giving you an auto-fill option as well. But this app does not capture login info from your browser like the 1Password app. Though the app has rough edges, the desktop sync feature is good and works with different OS’.

This app costs $9.99. You can avail a free, limited, Lite version of the app.

There are many more password manager apps for the iPhone. The above are the most recommended among them.

SplashID for iPhone

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