Sena Sarach Ultraslim iPhone 4 Pouch Review


Sarach Ultraslim Pouch

If you visit ‘New Gadget‘ blog quite often then you must have already read my latest review which was about ‘Sena WalletBook Case for iPhone 4‘. In this blog post, I am going to review another product from Sena Cases.

Sarach Ultraslim is a pouch available for iPhone 4. People often buy cases for their iPhone but at the same time there are people (specially girls) who prefer pouches over cases. I personally find cases better but I know people who love to buy pouches for their phones.

SENA Pouch for iPhone4

Sarach Ultraslim is an attractive pouch and as the name says, it is slim too. The stitches on the pouch adds up to the it’s amazing looks. It is just as protective as any other pouch or case and the buyer doesn’t have to worry about the protection of his iPhone 4. This case is available in different colors and one can choose it depending according to his/her choice.

After using Sarach Ultraslim, I found it quite good and unlike other pouches, it is easy to slide in or slide out your iPhone. The design is appealing and eye-catchy and the pattern is good too. The material of the pouch is good and so is the packaging. Just in case you prefer buying pouches over cases, this pouch won’t disappoint you and it will surely be a good choice.

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